FSD Africa, funded by UK AID, is an institution that works to reduce poverty by strengthening Africa’s financial markets. It designs and delivers programmes that span more than 28 countries across Sub-Saharan Africa. As a regional development agency, the institution manages a combination of ambitious multi-country programmes and focused local intervention.

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The Basics

To promote their vision of strengthening Africa’s financial markets.

Project Background

 FSD Africa were looking to diversify their online content and create engaging informative content.

Our Role

Trio Digital partnered with FSD Africa in a digital and communication plan to promote their vision of strengthening Africa’s financial markets. We did this by disseminating information about the institution and creating awareness about it.

Working with FSD Africa was a great experience for us as we created content and in the process expanded our knowledge about FSD Africa and how they work with financial institutions across the countries within which they operate.

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