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The Korean Embassy has had a close relationship with Kenya for the last 56 years, solidified by various collaborations from different sectors including Human Capital Development and scholarships, healthcare, water development, education, ICT and rural development. As such, these collaborations have given rise to the dissemination of information through arts, culture, and most significantly, the Korean Cultural Period (October 1st – 31st 2020).

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The Basics

Developing a website and social media base for the cultural period.

Project Background

Every year, the Korean Embassy has a Cultural Period where they showcase the best of what Korea has to offer. Unfortunately, in 2020, due to the pandemic this physical event could not happen. Trio Digital was engaged to find a way to take this event online.

Our Role

We worked with The Korean Embassy to design and develop an interactive website for the Korean Cultural Period that acted as the hub for the event. This multimedia experiential website hosted a wide range of content with an engaging user experience including exclusive available Korean Movies, Music and informative content about the bi-lateral relationship between Kenya and Korea. Additionally, Trio Digital worked to plan and execute a strategic digital marketing and advertising plan to drive traffic to the website while promoting and creating awareness for the Korean Cultural Period.

The creative partnership between Trio Digital and The Korean Embassy was exciting. It was intriguing to work with the team and especially during the Korean Cultural Period where we helped them to push the festival across online platforms. All in all, we had a blast working with them.

How it went

Here’s a little peak at the project:

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