Pinky Ghelani’s What Women Want

Pinky Ghelani is a trained media professional with over 15 years of media engagement as a radio and TVpersonality. She is also one of Kenya’s most formidable public speakers and a regular on the TEDx stage. Pinky is currently a high-level influencer for UNHCR, championing for the LuQuLuQu tribe, an initiative that advocates and raises funds to support people forced to flee their homes because of violence, conflict and persecution.

On-site video recording

Video Editing and Post-production

The Basics

Work with Pink Ghelani to help with pre-production, production, and post-production of her videos.

Project Background

In 2019 Pinky launched What Women Want, a community that gets together to empower each other by having relevant and real conversations on topics such as: business, family & friends, finance management, and more.

Our Role

Trio Digital worked with Pinky Ghelani in the video production advertising material of the What Women Want event series. This included on-site shooting, editing and video post production of her content. It encompassed the understanding of her emotion, theme tone, language, and message during the events in order to deliver engaging and authentic messaging true to the nature of the mission of What Women Want.

Working with Pinky Ghelani was an interactive and fun experience of getting to hear diverse views about different topics as well as how they affect our world today.

How it went

Here’s a little peak at the project:

Project Social Media Handles

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