Landing Pages: Why They Matter

The single sole purpose of an online Ad is to solicit a click

1. Make it campaign specific

  • A dedicated campaign about the offer
  • Should have the same creative/concept as Ad

2. It’s about Conversions

  • Don’t be shy, tell them what to do
  • Lead them down the path to conversion, literally

3. Keep it simple

  • Share the most important info and leave out the rest
  • Uncomplicate the conversion action

4. Focus on the Benefits

  • They have arrived. They want the product. Talk about the benefits

5. Make is user friendly

  • It must be mobile responsive
  • It must be easy to navigate
  • It must not be confusing

All the work you have done on the front end can go to total waste if you have a crappy landing page. If you are running a well-planned campaign, you must plan adequately for the traffic it will generate.