Repurposing old content: There is no need to reinvent the wheel.

To paraphrase the immortal words of Tony Soprano, “every day is a gift, it just does not have to always be a pair of socks. “


We all tire when the same thing is done repeatedly because there is no element of surprise. It’s akin to going home to the same meal every day after a tiresome day of work, but coming up with new recipes every day is hard. What if you could take your leftovers and make them taste like a fresh new meal? Like turning last night’s nyama choma and chapati into today’s roast meat tacos.

You can use the same logic with your content. Creating new content every day can tire anybody no matter how much coffee you drink, but why struggle and there is a ‘cheat code’? Here’s how you can take your existing content and make it feel fresh;

1.Turn blogs into social media content: Take snippets and quotes from your blog and turn them into awesome text based content. If your blog has a lot of data, you could condense this into a simple infographic or series of graphs that could be shared on your social media platforms. That’s not all, if you aren’t camera shy, you could turn your old blogs into scripts for video content.

2. Create bite sized social media videos from an existing video: Take your longer form video content (vlogs and content longer than 60 seconds) and turn them into bite sized videos for platforms like TikTok, Instagram reels and YouTube Shorts. This can be done by cutting up your long form videos or reshooting 15 second videos based on your old content, with focus on capturing different key points that can all be used as new pieces of content.

3. Repurpose webinars as social media video content: Webinars usually have a decent number of attendees,  but not everyone you intend to attend it can, because it depends on their availability. You can upload the content on YouTube and chop up different segments from the webinar that can all be used as fresh pieces of content for your social media platforms (just like in point 2 above).

With this new ammunition, go forth and conclude the content creation battle set before you. But don’t worry, we wouldn’t just hand you a bag of ammo and ask you to fight on your own. We are here to help. If you would like someone to step in as your champion and take up the fight for you, reach out to us by emailing