Financial sector deepening kenya

(FSD Kenya)

FSD Kenya is a well known trust that is funded by the Government of Kenya, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office, and Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency. The organization aims to facilitate increased incomes, reduce vulnerability to shocks and better capacities to invest in the future. It seeks to stimulate change through policy advice, technical assistance, applied research, co-funding, risk-sharing, and very occasionally early stage investment. 

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The Basics

Help support the development of a sustainable and inclusive financial society.

Project Background

Since 2017, Trio Digital has partnered with FSD Kenya to create and execute a complex digital communication and PR strategy aimed at informing their audience about financial access in Kenya and the work being done to improve lives.

Our Role

Trio Digital has ensured FSD Kenya’s work is visible, engaging, respected and active in online spaces in line with FSD’s goals. This includes extracting, packing and communicating insights from the broad spectrum of FSD activities and publications as well as relevant financial/business news.

Working with FSD Kenya is nothing short of interesting for us. We really enjoy collaborating with the organization and the role we play in supporting the development of inclusive financial markets in Kenya as a means to stimulate wealth creation and reduce poverty.

How it went

Here’s a little peak at the project:

Project Social Media Handles

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