The growth and evolution of technology has been of monumental proportions in the past century. From mechanical typewriters to face detection software that lets you select your favorite Snap Chat filter (‘flower crown’ anyone?), it is undisputable that humankind deserves more than a pat on the back.  The World Wide Web, one of the pinnacles of technological development, revolutionized the digital age and opened doors that vastly transformed our lifestyle from entertainment, education and business.

Kenya has shown promising prospects of growing internet penetration with a penetration rate of 45% as of 1st July 2017 (Source: That’s a pool of over 21 million users online! Any business that’s hungry to acquire more customers will realize that this is a profitable opportunity to pounce on. Digital marketing is the new ‘black’, and if you haven’t wholly embraced it yet, you may need to rethink your firm’s marketing approach.

Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing and Email Marketing are just some of the techniques that can increase awareness of a firm’s product offering, enhance consumer interaction and boost a company’s brand visibility. Interactive tweets, informative e-newsletters or crisp pictures accompanying your Instagram captions; are attractive to potential customers and will certainly garner a memorable impression.

The digital marketing cosmos is ever-changing with innovative applications and software updates being released thick and fast, a flexible strategy is necessary to ensure your firm is abreast with the latest online marketing tactics.  The ability to generate accurate results of marketing campaigns and to measure customer engagement are just some of the perks of online marketing. Plus, it’s economical for firms; as digital marketing typically costs less than traditional forms of advertising. It is possible to reach a wider audience and not have to burst your firm’s marketing budget on advertising. That means more dinero at your disposal for sprucing up your office or buying extra workplace supplies (or even just throwing epic office parties).

Don’t get left behind. Disembark from the old-fashioned advertising steam engine and board the shiny speed train of digital marketing.