Trust is a graphic novel, funded by Interchain, Cardano Foundation, and Gitcoin among others, which seeks to inspire the next generation of African Youth about blockchain technology through the power of storytelling. They hope to inspire millions of African youth to imagine alternative futures and create them by providing them with the necessary training and tools. To achieve their goal of reaching 1 million African youth, the book is free to read and available in a mobile-first digital format.

Website Design & Development

Graphic Design

The Basics

The graphic novel Trust is a story of a woman’s quest to use Blockchain to protect her community from cultural and ecological destruction. 

Project Background

The creative and innovative team at Trust Graphic Novel saw the need to share the story on an online platform.

Our Role

Trio Digital partnered with Trust Graphic Novel to develop a website for their team with elements of the artist’s previous work, while working with the authors – Chief Nyamweya and Anne Connelly to deliver their goals.

The partnership with Trust Graphic Novel was an extremely fun learning experience, as we got to understand their vision of a future that is free from the issues that we experience in our daily lives, while also providing the targeted audience with the tools to create that future.

How it went

Here’s a little peak at the project:

Project Social Media Handles

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